July 23, 2010

Combining energy-saving efficiencies for homebuilders

I have some exciting news for homebuilders who are interested in home energy-saving products and services. Coming this fall, HOME-STAT Programmable Thermostat will be included with every rental water heater. The Water Heating Package as it's referred is a cost and energy-saving kit that energy conscious homebuilders will want to know more about.

For a long time now, builders across southwestern Ontario who supply and install rental water heaters, have requested a simple energy-efficient solution to heating water without incurring additional costs when not in use.

This exclusive rental water heating package will entitle homeowners to pay one monthly rental rate and will include: 24hr service, a power vented water heater, HOME-STAT with wireless remote to shut down your water heater when you're not at home, sleeping or on vacation.

When HOME-STAT is managing your furnace or air conditioning, the remote will follow the program you choose based on your lifestyle. For Contractors the HOME-STAT can now be purchased at Total Line Parts and Don Park.