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Home-Stat Thermostat

What is Home-Stat?


Over 15,000 Home-Stat Thermostats Installed Across The GTA.

The patented Home-Stat™ is a 7-day programmable 'set-back' thermostat that has the ability to manage your Heating and Cooling systems together and also incorporates a separate module to provide operational control of a gas-fired power vented water heater. This is achieved by disengaging power to the water heater when you are at: work, off on vacation or sleeping.

Home Corp Services Inc. has proven results that Home-Stat™ can provide home owners with a total energy savings of over 28%.

Home-Stat™ enables homeowners to perform all these functions without replacing their existing water heater with a more expensive water heating system that provides inconsistent water temperatures.

Why choose Home-Stat?


Innovative Home-Stat™ is one of the safest
and simplest energy efficient upgrades you can make to a home

Home-Stat™ uses exclusive, patented technology in a programmable thermostat developed to cycle a power vented water heater at the same time as the entire central heating and cooling systems. The all-in-one Home-Stat™ uses Radio Frequency technology to communicate to a remote power supply affixed to the water heater.

Typical programmable thermostats provide a maximum energy savings of 15% (5% Heating - 10% Cooling). The Home-Stat™ provides an additional 10% total energy savings once programmed properly.

Find out how easy it is to install Home-Stat

The demand for multiple shower heads, larger garden tubs and body jets results in greater demand for hot water supply. The fact is, water heating accounts for up to 30% of the average homes’ energy budget. At work, away on vacation or sleeping, no matter the lifestyle, Home-Stat™ technology manages the heating/cooling and power supply to the water heater, all at the touch of one conveniently located digital control.

A number of builders with over 15,000 homeowners have the energy savings that Home-Stat

Home-Stat™ Features
  • All-in-one programmable thermostat
  • Existing wire used to manage furnace functions
  • Optional 7-day programming, with four temperature periods per day
  • Large, easy to read LCD screen with continuous backlight option
  • Air filter change reminder ensures your heating/cooling system operations
  • Humidifier pad replacement reminder ensures optimal indoor air quality
  • UV light change reminder
  • Menu driven programming
  • Auto changeover from heat to cool option - automatically adjusts pre-heating/cooling of a home
  • Permanent user setting memory - maintaining your settings during power outages
  • Minimum compressor off-time setting option protects compressor from short cycling
  • Remote sensor option enables thermostat to display outside temperature
  • Audible option confirms programming of key functions
  • 1-year limited warranty
  • Available in 2H 2C



Coming Summer 2018

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Start Saving with a Home-Stat

In February 2008, extensive performance evaluation was completed by an independent third party and the results were significant. The evaluation on the performance of Home-Stat™ (a water heater power controller) found that a single programmable Home-Stat™ will provide home owners with a total annual energy savings of over 28%.

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Home-Stat Manual


Home-Stat FAQ's


We Provide Several Faqs.
Please follow the guide and make reference to the manual.

  1. Thermostat is calling for heating or cooling, however there is no output:
    Please check the connection of jump wire on the back part of thermostat.
  2. The Furnace continues to heat beyond set or programmed temperature:
    Please refer to Manual, Configuration Menu settings and ensure Item 1 'HC' is (1H) top right corner. For Furnace setting not heat pump.
  3. Furnace short cycles:
    Please refer to Manual, Configuration Menu Item 7 'CH' top right should read (SL).
  4. Air Conditioner short cycles:
    Please refer to Manual, Configuration Menu Item 8 'CC' top right should read (SL).
  5. The wireless switch plug for water heater does not receive signal for a long time:
    1. Remove the wireless switch plug and wait for five minutes, then plug again.
    2. Check the thermostat and plug, if they have established the wireless communication. Please refer to page 3 in manual wireless signal confirm and follow the guide and operate again.
  6. The backlight time is too short:
    Take reference to configuration Item 10. Option to change backlight to 15 sec.
  7. Thermostat displays wrong no. or the out of functions:
    Check if the wiring diagram is correct. If so, use small sticker/pin and press K8 button to reset the software.
  8. Thermostat displays Comp Dly flashing:
    The thermostat is doing Compressor/Damper time delay protection.
  9. Furnace or Air Conditioning not functioning and configurations settings are correct and "Low battery" flashing on thermostat:
    Battery needs to be replaced.
  10. Thermostat display has Chg UV / Chg Filter / Chg Pad icon flashing:
    Reminder that the UV light / Filter / Humidity pad needs to be cleaned or replaced.
  11. Thermostat is not following the RUN schedule:
    1. Check the setting of the program, refer to the manual planning your program, Page 14.
    2. Check if thermostat is in Permanent Hold function, Page 12. If so, press Run, and the thermostat will follow the presetting program.
    3. check the configuration table and confirm the value of the Item 13 (PS) to be 0.