August 3, 2010

Eliminate time-of-use rates with programmable thermostat

Below details the charge for consuming electricity throughout a 24hr period. Our HOME-STAT is the ONLY programmable thermostat that can shut down your water heater when rates are at there PEAK. HOME-STAT's flexible four settings program available each day, combined with the Ontario (Municipal or State) electrical costs, will give the homeowner the option to shutdown heating their water when rates are high and fire back up when rates are down. Simply press a button and the all-in-one HOME-STAT starts saving money.

A typical water heater used today is a 50us gal. Having storage enables you to heat water when electricity is cheap, consume it when it is expensive and replenish when electricity is less expensive, EXAMPLE: Run power vented water 11AM-5PM (MID PEAK) and 9PM - 7AM (OFF PEAK) there might be just enough hot water for you when you wake and when you return. Effective October 30th - April 30 rates change and so will how you consume electricity.

NO NEED to change how you use water, simply CHOOSE when and how much you are CHARGED. The HOME-STAT is the simplest solution to heating your water while managing the comfort of your home.