July 28, 2010

HOMEBUILDERS cool ideas to cooling costs

Simply put, cooling model homes when you are closed for business is "not cool", in fact it’s a waste of money. Controlling operating costs is crucial to any business. For example; when our office closes at 5pm, our cooling temperature rises and our water heater shuts down, saving us hundreds of dollars each year.

"Money was never a big motivation, except as a way to keep score. The real excitement is playing the game" - Donald Trump

Get creative with your sales and decor staff, times have changed and so has time-of-use rates. Develop an incentive for your staff so they’ll want to save you money. Perhaps share the cost savings with them (money saved is better than money wasted). There is no benefit to your staff to close the blinds and raise the temp before he or she leave after a hard days work.