February 28, 2014

Is winter almost over?

It is a normal for someone's immediate reaction to turn up the thermostat at home or at the workplace when it is cold outside or especially when we experience those flash freezes. Heating an entire area for ones comfort, is not that right decision.

The past few months I have heard how family members are "cranking up the thermostat" because it is cold at their home or workplace. Why are we so surprised the cold has arrived or that it is snowing? Only if we took what the meteorologists seriously, we might: wear winter socks instead of summer, wear pj's to bed, use an extra blanket at night or have a warm shower or bath the night prior (time of use rates would agree - $avings). Most people do not plan for bad weather or follow the weather forecast. Today's meteorologists can make our lives simpler and can actually $ave us money. Is it because we hope deep down inside that these weather specialists are wrong? That it wont reach the low of -18C or is it you believe Winter is almost over? Perhaps it is the shopping malls with their spring and summer displays that has convinced you winter is almost over. No matter the excuse, next evening you are at home and want to curl up and watch your favorite show or read a book, plan ahead. Bring a sweater or a blanket down, and wear a pair of socks and if possible turn on the fireplace (heating one room vs the entire home $aves energy and money). Should you have the luxury of a fireplace, it is recommend to have the Furnace Fan running so that the cold air returns can destitute some of that heat throughout the home.... just don't crank up the thermostat, its not a car accelerator.

The HOME-STAT is designed to maintain inside temperature, no matter the outdoor conditions. Convenience is having not to worry about weather, so if you set your program for 23C the HOME-STAT will maintain 23C.

Sorry honey, that means you too.