May 21, 2010

Knowing the patterns can save you money

The sun rises in the east and settles in the west. No matter where you live the sun’s direction does not change. Knowing this simple fact can be of great financial benefit to all homeowners, especially with today’s time-of-use-rates.

In the spring and summer months and with time-of-use-rates in effect it is SO important TO CLOSE YOUR BLINDS before you leave your home, especially those windows that face south.

Allowing the sun’s rays to filter into an unoccupied home will only increase the cycle of your air conditioner and that’s simply a waste of money to the homeowner.

On the other hand, in the fall and winter months, LEAVING THE BLINDS OPEN allows the sun’s rays to filter into the home helping to add warmth and keep the furnace from kicking in more frequently. And it’s going to save you money.

Other great tips of blocking sun and creating shade are awnings and landscaping. The cost of roll-out awnings may vary depending on the size and type, ie: manual vs. motorized but they’re a great way to immediately create shade, both inside and outside your home.

Landscaping to create shade may take time and money, depending on the age/size of plant or tree, but it will increase the value and appearance of your home.