September 21, 2010

Stop the curb stop

Most homeowners have seen it but are not sure what its purpose is.

This is what is referred to as a curb stop. A curb stop is property of the city or municipality and is used to turn the water service to a dwelling on or off. The curb stop box is an enclosure housing the actual valve. Most curb stop boxes are not boxes at all, but are cast iron housings with a pipe and due to frost levels extends to the ground level with a removable cover. When the cover is removed the valve can be accessed with a special wrench that slides down the pipe enabling an authorized technician to turn the valve on or off.

This technology has been used for decades and is still in use today. Many homeowners have expressed safety concerns sighting family and friends tripping or falling on exposed curb stops.

Most homebuilders are frustrated as 40% of homes under construction require curb stop repairs or replacement and Municipalities repair curb stops daily, costing homeowners more money in taxes.

Digital Water System is saving municipalities thousands of dollars and making life easier for homebuilders and homeowners. Gone but not missed will be the eye sore of a dated product.

Developed by Home Corp Services Inc. of Vaughan, Canada a company supplying water heating equipment and duct cleaning service to over 33,000 homes has proudly joined efforts to promote this patented product as the "Digital Water System". Stay tuned for the latest in curb stop technology with Digital Water System.

To learn more about Digital Water System contact HomeCorpServices.