October 4, 2010

Your home is more important than your car

Fall is in the air and Winter is approaching. Most car owners prepare their vehicles for Winter (ie: tires, top up levels, check hoses and belts) yet MOST Homeowners do nothing to winterize their homes. As drivers prepare for the worst driving conditions, so should homeowners prepare for extreme winter conditions. Simply switching the thermostat to heat mode is not enough. To ensure efficiencies and preventative maintenance (waiting in the cold for a technician) simply perform the following:

If you have a Humidifier:

  • change your humidifier filter
  • open damper on by pass to allow humidity to mix with warm air and flow throughout home
  • Turn ON the Humidistat
  • ensure access water is flowing to drain. If not, turn off humidifier and check drainhose for blockages
  • If you find humidity build up on your windows you may want to lower the humdistat

If you have an Air Cleaner:

  • clean or replace your air filters (follow manufacture specifications) this will ensure adequate air flow throughout home and will not add stress to fan motor
  • air flows into your furnace one way. Remember when you remove the air filters for cleaning, ensure you re-insert the same way to avoid captured dust particals to not flow throughout home
  • Electronic Air Cleaners should be cleaned every two months, ensure you follow manufacturer recommendations

Important Reminders,

    1. First time you turn on your furnace you may smell something burning, this is common. Dust that accumulated over the spring and summer season is on your heating elements and will pass within 1 hour.
    2. If snow accumulates where your gas/propane furnace (and water if applicable) vent outside, you must ensure the vents are clear and can exhaust fumes. If not, the furnace (or appliances) will shut down as a safety precaution.
    3. For those who do not have an HRV ensure you change the air or add fresh air by means of opening of a window. This is of great importance for the well being of those who live in the home. Flus, colds, off gases from furniture, carpets, building materials and cooking scent are some common reasons why allowing fresh air into your home is a great plan, no matter the outside temperature.
  1. When you are off to work open those blinds this will allow the sunlight in, thus increasing the temperature of your home and preventing your furnace from cycling as often.

Remembering these simple steps will ensure your family breaths easy, protect your home, save you money, energy and the environment.